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Oct 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
's bodies first, as well. researchers used eye tracking technology and found both sexes fixed their gaze on chests and waists. they say evolution may be behind the stares since men are draup to women's bodies for child bearing. >>> up next, the warriors are making news. and we also have jay. >>> fun show tonight. savannah guthrie here from "the today" show, and audience member sizzle reel coming up. >>> dave feldman joins us. it is opening night in the nba, and what are warriors fans saying tonight? we're not scared of the lakers. >> no, we're not. and they'll be tired when they get here. the nba season is already under way, with three games in the books. the warriors begin their season tomorrow, and they'll be without one of their stalwarts. harrison barnes will miss the first two games with inflammation in his left foot. tomorrow, make sure you flip over us to on bay area, starting at 5:00, and we'll lead you deep into the night with all the coverage against the lakers that you could ever want. >>> the 49ers currently sit at 6-2, a game behind statle in the nfc west. today, the coach w
Nov 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
to go. >> the infrastructure whether tunnels or house, we want the best technology available to us. >> nbc bay area news. >> the chp said a drunk driver hit and killed a caltrans worker. here's the map south of the stock creek road exit. a drunk driver veered into a closed lane and hit two workers who were picking up traffic cones. one worker of dixon was pinned against his work truck and died. the second worker suffered minor injuries. the driver also went to the hospital with serious injuries, but expected to survive. the driver will face charges. breaking news in the east bay. it is finally over. the votes have been counted and late tonight workers have approved the temporary contract that ended last month's strike. a live look at the podium where union leaders announced application by the out come of the vote. they approved the contract with an 88% margin there of yes votes. about 2300. employees were eligible. the poll closed about an hour ago and now it's up to the bart board of directors to give the final approval. they are from strike threats for the next three years. the c
Nov 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
control overtime costs. and make changes to the equipment and technology to run a better b.a.r.t. >> what's in it for the public? peace of mind because of its new strike clause till june of 2017. the contract goes to the birdies of for final an probable. >> hup tracking is happening in cities across the united states and right here in the bay area often in plain sight. today an event was held aim at raising awareness of the issue. kimberly terry is here with more on the pupd raiser and the driving force behind the event. >> hello, diane. a mother from the sacramento area whose daughter was sold into the sex afraid created run for courage. today that organization hosted its first 5 and 10 k races in oakland. the race drew more than 500 people from around the bay area. vicky zito which hostedf)c the event says she hopes this brings brngs attention to the sex trafficking epidemic in the united states. >> folks tend to think there's only certain populations targeted to be victims of this crime. but actually, any time you have a vulnerable child you have the poe essential to having a victim vu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3